LESIA SEMI AW 2016 advertising campaign


LESIA SEMI AW 2016 advertising campaign

Autumn/Winter 2016 collection continues the urban design line which combines experiments in cutout garment and special attentiveness towards materials and patterns.

Interpretation of the Middle Ages costume in modern historical movies became an inspiration for creating this collection. According to the theme, the general mood of the new collection is more strict and aggressive than the previous Lesia Semi’s proposals; here there are many fur trim and wool. As accompaniment to clothes there are fur collars with straps and cuffs, wool stand-up collars with bows, long hanging belts – all these elements are removable and can be used at will.

Model: Olena Gusak (LFW models)

Make-up: Olga Yankovska

Style: Olena Boldyryeva

Photo: Andriy Goncharenko

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